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    I’m home sick so i am on Tumblr and netflix…. ggrrggghhh i wish i was at school. Most people wouldn’t say that but i go to a SCHOOL FOR THE ARTS which means i get to go to school and do what i love which is DANCE for half of the day … amazeballs right  … and thats everyday… lol 

    "One Direction or Justin Bieber ?" "Jo Calderone."

    So you fucking Directionaters spelled Eleanor as Elunour? Um….. 

    Miley Cyrus + photoshoots

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    Fuck you Harry Styles.

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    omfg, if you want the old dashboard back just click 
    here and click “revert dashboard”

    srsly thank you so much

    wow… just wow…. 

    • me: I want to be tumblr famous!
    • Tumblr: No
    • me: why?
    • Tumblr: obviously you're not cool enough
    • Me: yeah .. true... :S


    gaga is so pretty it pisses me off

    fuuh ys bitccchh lol